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Luxury apartments
introducing a new residential complex
Our Apartments
Our apartments are spacious and bright; elegantly furnished with comfortable seats, immaculately presented with a residential feel. The furniture has been specifically chosen to complement the stylish decor, creating truly homely atmosphere to entertain or simply unwind. They are uniquely positioned as they cater for various needs ranging from self-serving rooms, which allow guests to put their culinary skills to test, family rooms that have extra beds for the children in a separate room to a single bed room perfect for exclusive. All of the apartments are equipped with relevant facilities and amenities.
Luxury apartments
homey atmosphere with equipped furniture
DDJ FURNISHED APARTMENTS are located along Egypt Street, around Mekanisa, a few kilometers from the city Centre, Piazza. It is a serene environment with accessibility to both private and public transport as well as social amenities. It is also located near major shopping centers such as Laphto Mall, Fantu Supermarket, Shoa Supermarket, Adams Pavilion Mall, various banks, cinema halls such as Adot and Lafto, restaurants, entertainment, and many unique attractions.
Luxury apartments
luxurious isconsidered with spacious interiors
Space and Flexibility
Our spacious, fully furnished and serviced apartments provide more space and flexibility than most hotels.
Very wide living space, quality furniture, full-size kitchens equipped with all the necessary house wares, local phone service, basic cable television, free Internet access, and special onsite amenities such as fitness center, steam, and others; all of these features and more make every guest's stay far more comfortable than a traditional hotel room.

Luxury apartments
comfortable rooms with plenty of space to breathe easy.
DDJ Furnished Apartments are the simplest solution to short and long term accommodation requirements in Addis Ababa: all-inclusive and furnished apartments. We offer weekly and monthly rates. Whatever your choice we will strive to accommodate. Whether you are a business or leisure traveler, we have ensured that your communication needs remain un-interrupted by providing high speed Internet services in all rooms.